What is a Job Plan?

The Job Plan is a plan you make with your Employment Consultant to help you look for work. The Government says we must make this plan with you. This is how and what it involves:

• You must have a Job Plan. It must be current, relevant and effective. This means it must be up to date and recent. It also must have ideas that are good ideas for you. For example, if you are a plumber, it is not a good idea to say you will look for jobs as a nurse.

• You and your Employment Consultant will talk about what you need and what is best for you. Then both of you will write the plan. You can have someone from your family or a friend or other person there to help. This person is called an advocate.

• You and your Employment Consultant will talk about what you want and your work goals in your first meeting. Then you will write the Job Plan.

• The Government says the Job Plan must be written before you can be accepted at SensWide.

• You will sign and date the plan. Your Employment Consultant will also sign and date it. A copy will be kept in your file. You will get to keep a copy of the plan.

• The Job Plan is about you and your needs. Information to go in the plan include:

  • Information about your past education, training and employment
  • Special skills or interests you have for work
  • Strengths and skills you have for looking for work
  • Things you need to improve or need help with to help you find or keep a job
  • Your goals about work (including what kind of job you want, if you want full time or part time work, things you want to learn to help you get or keep a job etc)
  • Aims that are to help you get your employment goal. Also, actions outlining who will do what and by when. The types of aims and actions can be in things like:
  • Social and behavioural abilities (the right behaviour for work)
  • Interpersonal skills (the right things to say and how to talk to people)
  • Cognitive abilities (the things you need to know)
  • Vocational skills (the things you need to know to do a job)
  • Physical abilities (the things about your body)
  • Sensory abilities (things about your hearing or sight)
  • Communication abilities (how you communicate)
  • Literacy and numeracy skills (reading, writing and maths)
  • Relationship between job requirement and abilities (what you need to know to do a job compared to what you can do already)
  • Environmental factors (how a workplace needs to be for it to be right and safe for you, e.g. flashing lights for a warning bell)
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