Resume Tips

Writing the perfect résumé can be challenging. To help you with the process SensWide has come up with some tips to get you started. Résumés are an important document, so keep them organised and up-to-date. Make your résumé stand out by being simple and readable. 

Next, be concise about the job you are applying for. Read the job description, does it have specific requests? The job may sound perfect for you and your experience, but does your résumé sound perfect for the job? Lastly make it attractive. Have you researched the company you are applying? What is their culture like? Are they formal or do they enjoy some creative flair? Tailor your résumé for the application.

Read the tips below, and contact the SensWide Employment team – we are here to support you.

Résumé Tips 

Your resume should be:

-        Organised

-        Readable

-        Concise

-        Attractive


-        Tailor your résumé to each job application

-        Keep it to 2 pages maximum

-        Use a clear font and plenty of white space

-        Include your achievements as well as responsibilities from previous roles

-        Use reverse chronological order with education listed at the end

-        Include key words mentioned in the position description

-        Make your ‘pitch’ – a career profile of 3-5 sentences outlining your key skills and experience.


-        Remove any details that are more than 10 years old

-        Don’t lie to cover gaps in your employment history – be honest

-        Leave out information that is false or misleading;

-        Incomplete qualifications

-        Lapsed/out of date certificates

-      Words to avoid;

-        ‘Résumé’ or ‘CV’ (the employer will know what it is)

-        Personal pronouns e.g. I, me, my, he, she, our

-        ‘Responsibilities include’

-        "Referees available upon request"

Things to remember:

-        Proofread, proofread, proofread!

-        Customise each resume to the role you are applying for

-        Back up your strengths and qualities by using real examples

-        Sell yourself – let them know why they should employ you

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